Born in 1979, I grew up in Sussex. In 1999, I taught in the Czech Republic before completing a BA in English at St. Peter’s College, Oxford. After a two-year excursion into journalism, I studied for a Masters’ and then a PhD at Queen Mary, University of London. I live in north London.

Teaching and Research Jobs

Between 2012-13, I held a job as Teaching Fellow in English at the University of Birmingham. I followed this with stints as Departmental Lecturer in the Faculty of English, University of Oxford and Stipendiary Lecturer at Trinity College, University of Oxford.

In 2016-17, I held a Taylor Visiting Fellowship in American Literature at the University of Virginia. I’ve also received funding from the University of London and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, Boston.


I trained in newspaper journalism and I’ve written stories, reviews and features for magazines and newspapers including Director Magazine, the Ham and High, Time Out, The Times and The Guardian.

I’ve also written copy for radio production companies, universities and art galleries.