Essays, Reviews, Popular Writing

An obituary of the literary scholar Bernard Bergonzi in The Times, December 2016

‘Exploring Transatlantic Cultural Exchanges’. A blog post for Edinburgh University Press in the run-up to the EU Referendum last year, May 2016

A little appreciation piece on the latest edition of T.S. Eliot’s poetry in Times Higher Educational Supplement, February 2016

‘A Traveler in Search of Home’– an appreciation of the strange, geographically dislocated fiction of Kazuo Ishiguro, in Slightly Foxed Quarterly, Spring 2012.

A comment piece on Ruskin came out on The Guardian's website, November 2011. Here's the link:

A review of The Anthology of Rap (Yale University Press, 2010), published in Times Literary Supplement, April 2011.

‘So who’s Telling Stories Now?’ (Review of Contemporary American Fiction, by David Brauner, Edinburgh University Press 2010), Times Higher Education. February 2011

My essay ‘Roots Manuva’s Romantic Soul’ on the British rapper Roots Manuva and Romantic poetry was out in 2010 in Stress Fractures: New Essays on Poetry.

Ian Gregson in Poetry London described it as a ‘thought-provoking essay’.

‘Fantasy Land’ – a half-page review of Romantic Europe and the Ghost of Italy, by Joseph Luzzi, Yale University Press, 2008), Times Literary Supplement, June 2009.